Overcoming the Fear Of What People Think Of You

Humans are social beings. Through history we have lived in communities, and depended upon the group for our survival and growth. And you could make a point that this was more true for our ancestors in older times than it is for us now.

As such, it is normal that we consider the thoughts and feeling of other people in our everyday life. At some extent it is healthy.

The problem is that concern for what other people think or might think of us can often hold us back. It can become an obsession, a paralyzing irrational fear that hinders our progress and makes us miserable.

It can be a quite sly fear as well, as we tend to underestimate it, disregard it, and don’t realize how toxic it is and how serious an effect it has in our life.

It is thus, of utmost importance that we learn to manage this deep-seated fear of ours, the fear of what other people think of us. We need to learn how to overcome it.

To do that we must first acknowledge that it is there, and how important an effect it has on us, every single one of us.

The second step is to take its power away. We can do that by realizing how groundless it is, that it is more in our minds than anything else, that it doesn’t really matter what other people think of us. In fact, most people don’t care one iota about what we do, they have themselves and their own issues to think about.

Thirdly, it just takes practice. Everyday we must listen to our inner voice and intuition, and act according to our values and goals, silencing the outer noise. We acknowledge all the other thoughts and consideration, we acknowledge the fear, but we don’t give it importance and don’t let it define us.

Last but not least, it is of extreme importance that we surround ourselves with people who love, support and encourage us.

So, stay strong my brothers and sisters, and don’t let your fears define you, don’t allow the fear what other people might say or think hold you down.

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